Concrete residues on plant and
equipment is an intractable problem.

Since concrete has been mixed and used people have tried to solve the problem of the residues on plant and machinery. Finding no other solution they used hammer and chisels, resulting in scratched paintwork and dented metal, with the result that concrete stuck even more than before.

Then they tried to use aggressive solvents like sulphuric and hydrochloric acids and similar, causing damage to expensive equipment: chromeplated parts, hydraulic cylinders, expensive enamel surfaces, electrical circuits and control equipment suffer.

Not to mention the danger and health risks to personnel. Modern legislation puts a heavy personal responsibility on management in the field of Health and Safety. Dangerous and hard, dirty work causes lack of motivation in staff, and consequently to lower productivity.

All the above lead to higher costs due to damage to the environment, waste of water which is contaminated for recycling , high product insurance premiums, higher labour costs, risk of contamination to the final product - high quality CONCRETE.


ZETOLAN-MEK has been tested by Testing Institute for Construction Materials and is certified having no effect on concrete.

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